Board Portal: Best Solutions for Board of Directors

Managing a board of directors is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks. Board portal, instead, can simplify every aspect and process of running the board. The online service was designed from a ground-up with an executive director, chairman, other board members and assistants. Simple, comprehensive, fast and secure board meeting management software allows board members to collaborate, keep records and manage documents without any problems.

Board Meeting Software Reviews

If you want your board to work at its maximum efficiency, you need board portal software. It is absolutely essential for modern companies to use this tool to win the competition. BoardMaps offers a solution that will help you reach your goals faster and with less effort. Now you can forget about all the chaos of board meetings and hundreds of abandoned tasks. BoardMaps will help you get everything under control.
iDeals is one of the most demanded reputable platforms that offer an ability to focus on business rather than software. Simple processes and easy-to-use platform are halfway to success.
Board Effect is an effective board management platform that provides boards with a change to work smart. Board meeting applications are accepted at any time and from any location striving to satisfy the communication needs of organizations with the most different goals, structures, and missions.
NASDAQ BOARDVANTAGE is the guarantee of smooth and effective board communication. Every aspect of the meeting and collaboration is simple and easy-to-manage.
Loomion features fast services and simple access to the board room. The platform has adapted the software for different devices, so users can use it from any part of the world.
Azeusconvene is smart, intuitive, simple and fully secure board management software. The platform meets the needs and requirements of senior-level administrators and executives.
Diligent is a dependable content management solution for distributing, creating and collaborating on board meeting materials. Diligent board services are designed for different types of business and are aimed at launching digital materials to support various organizations.

Nowadays, paperless board meeting software is becoming a top choice for the vast majority of directors and other people. This is undeniably one of the most impressive ways to organize a well-managed board meeting without spending too much time and money. Working online, the team gets an opportunity to simplify the whole process, achieving the same successful and flawless results.

However, opting for a trustworthy and convenient management board meeting software provider may become a true challenge. Learn the information about different vendors and opt for the one that corresponds to your needs and requirements.

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Considering the most important features of the online service, it is inevitable to mention top three specifications:

  1. Security. High safety of the uploaded data is the primary concern of the online vendor that provides users with the board meeting software. Thus, replacing a traditional experience of meeting in an office with the online one, you can be 100% sure all your information, uploaded files, confidential records, conversations, and other data will be protected from the third party.
  2. Collaboration. It is an integral part of the tasks completed by the board of directors. Virtual board software makes it simple for the members of the board to be involved irrespective of the geographic location of the parties and other factors.
  3. Governance. The roles and responsibilities of the board members vary greatly, but there is nothing more important to the sustainability and health of the organization than the governance of the board of directors. Board management software is a beneficial way to achieve it.

Considering the features of the board meeting platforms, it is inevitable to mention several important factors, such as:

  • Fast communication;
  • Improved attendance of board meetings;
  • Ability to control the process of downloading and uploading of the documents.
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Generally, a virtual boardroom is halfway to a successful and flawless process of board meetings. Several important features are used here in order to achieve the maximal effectiveness of the meeting and eliminate possible complications:

  • Documents and folders. Digital board meeting is an ultimate way to organize board documents and similar assets. A user can set permission on who can access specific files and folders, create an unlimited number of folders aimed at keeping things well organized. Additionally, such functions as drag and drop can be used to reorder documents and keep them managed.
  • Calendar and schedule will show the upcoming events and past meetings in one place. The head of the board portal software or other users who have the corresponding access can add new events with times and dates. Besides, there is an opportunity to attach people to meetings and use an agenda in order to create a meeting schedule.
  • Discussions. An opportunity to start discussions focused on a certain topic is undoubtedly valued by the head of the board. Moreover, the board of directors software provides users with an excellent opportunity to post announcements, ideas, and proposals in order to inform everyone about the upcoming event.
  • Task management. A board portal is an advantageous solution for complicated issues, such as dividing and assigning work that has to be done. Thus, users can easily organize the to-do list, set due dates, reorder them in accordance with the priority, etc.
  • Notifications. One of the key benefits of best board meeting apps is a chance to track the activity of all the users, as well as an opportunity to get notifications about new events, comments, and meetings.
  • Committees and member directory.

Useful Features of Board Meeting Software

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Modern technologies and advancements are creating new pressure for boards of directors. However, they also create unique opportunities and possibilities for the latter to simplify the task and achieve the necessary results much faster. Comparing physical board meetings and online solutions, it is vital to highlight the main features of a board meeting led online:

  • Safety;
  • Simplicity;
  • Maximal level of protection;
  • Minimal risks;
  • Cost-effectiveness and others.