BoardMaps board portal software

BoardMaps is a multitasking tool that covers board meetings, compliance, and decision management. This solution was tailored to the needs of executives, managers, and board members to simplify and streamline the workflow for them. With BoardMaps leading teams can work on issues from inception to resolution in a single convenient workspace. And the steady exchange of information will make meetings more productive in terms of decision making.


BoardMaps divides the cycle every leading team goes through into three logical parts: before, during, and after meetings. Before the meeting, this software helps directors to share the news, agendas, issues, and any other information everyone needs to know to be ready for the upcoming discussion. Then using BoardMaps executives can organize a productive meeting – either in person or remotely – and enhance the conversation with all the features the software offers. After the meeting team members can summarize the discussion on BoardMaps and add follow-up comments, questions, or tasks.

board of directors meeting

BoardMaps is packed with features that will let you go through the whole cycle without any delays or issues. Using this software you can prepare the documents in advance and update them dynamically. Then you can invite users and share the required information with them. If you want some third-party to join just one of your meetings – that’s not a problem. Simply grant them access for a set amount of time to let them review all the documents and prepare for the discussion. Users can also propose draft decisions before the meeting. This approach simplifies the decision-making process significantly.

Thus everyone will attend the meeting being fully aware of the agenda, current issues, and all the supporting information. You will not lose time listening to the updates each department has – just jump straight to the discussion. 

With BoardMaps it’s easy to broadcast the meeting to both online and offline participants. This feature significantly improves the workflows in boards that include remote directors. And if they can’t actively take part in the discussion, they can express their thoughts using a voting tool. As the meeting proceeds, the administrator of the virtual board portal can track decisions and create action items to make sure everything is registered. That’s how BoardMaps will guarantee that all the planned things will get done.

Board meeting

Once the meeting is over, the minutes are created automatically in your BoardMaps app. Also, users can assign follow-up actions to themselves and others and track the performance of the team. Thus, everyone can keep an eye on processes and stay updated on what’s already done and what needs some more attention.

In addition to the standard virtual board features, BoardMaps allows team members to request documents from other users and propose matters to the agenda before the meeting. Also, they can transform decisions into action items, and create cascades of tasks to get the detailed layout of the process. Additionally, users can refer action items to team members and manage tasks from the calendar.

All these useful functions are packed in a neat and easy to use interface. Everything is well-organized and thus all features are effortless to find. You will not struggle to try to understand how to use BoardMaps software. It’s extremely user-friendly and even the least tech-savvy person will figure out the navigation in no time.

And if you will have any problems or questions using BoardMaps, the support team is available round the clock every day to help you out. Simply contact the staff and specialists will assist you and give you all the answers.

To see BoardMaps in action you can schedule a demo. Boardmaps team will show you all the features, how do they work, and the whole interface. During the demo, you will be able to feel the software and understand if it fits your expectations.