Diligent as Trusted Board Portal Provider

Board management software empowers executives and boards with the necessary tools, analytics, and insights to access board materials in the most secure way. Additionally, it gives an opportunity to track the performance of the company and get real-time information around regulatory filings and competitive news in order to achieve controlled and managed governance.

Currently, Diligent board packs are used by more than 50% of companies in different industries. Basically, they provide the executives and boards with up-to-date governance tools that help to expand the reach outside the boardroom and meet requirements, especially the distribution of materials and sharing files in a controlled and secure environment. Additionally, Diligent is the platform that features a range of other solutions such as:

  • Easily managed annotations, agendas, documents, negotiations, and discussions of the board meetings;
  • Collaboration in a safe and protected environment that allows the board of directors to make annotations and share the necessary data with other members of the board without any complications;
  • Real-time updates of the board materials from any gadget and any spot, where you can find an Internet connection.

Main Features and Advantages of Diligent Board Software

Diligent is undoubtedly one of the leading boardroom providers that empower board executives and leaders with the insight and technology necessary for successful governance and task completion. Several important peculiarities and specifications contribute to the popularity of Diligence:

diligent board software
  • Up-to-date governance. One of the leading platforms gives an ultimate opportunity to the board of directors to use modern technologies, analytics, and insights in order to enhance the results and improve board governance. Consequently, the company gets a chance to stay ahead of the industry and keep afloat.
  • Safety and high level of protection. Another important specification of Diligent’s products is the fact that they are backed by international security standards. Uploaded files and shared documents are safely kept within the boardroom. Thus, the use of a secure board portal is not only a chance to speed up and improve the collaboration with partners from other parts of the world but also keep the information safely stored and never spread to other parties.
  • Functionality and adaptability. Board meeting room by Diligent is easy-to-use, intuitive, supportive, functional and progressive that cannot but enhance the productivity of its users.

Top Solutions Offered by Paperless Board Meeting Solution

Apart from the competitive cost, effectiveness, and functionality, Diligent provides clients with a range of other solutions that can aid the process of the board meeting, including:

  • Outsourcing;
  • IT consulting;
  • Business consulting;
  • Technology consulting;
  • Operations;
  • Enterprise software.